July 15, 2003

Daily Ride • Summary

We enjoyed another nice ride before the summer heat set-in for the day. Again, we kept the distance under 10 miles and somewhat gently.

Ride details: 7.1 miles; 36:52 minutes; 133avg/173max HR; 443Kcal consumed; 77°; 11.6avg/17.7max MPH.

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July 14, 2003

Daily Ride • Summary

The Tour de France is in full swing and today was the first ride in many, many months.

I don't know if it was watch Lance the past two days or just the desire to get back onto the bike, it doesn't matter, it was great.

This has clearly been a missing diversion the past months, but, then again the past months have been filled with so much that at times, getting on the bike just wasn't something that came to mind. Alas, hopefully, I fill be on the bike again this week?

Ride details: 6.7 miles; 38:58 minutes; 129avg/168max HR; 358K cal consumed; 80°; 11.9avg/19.6max MPH.

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March 11, 2003

Daily Ride • Summary

Enjoyed a short 5.9 mile ride to Starbucks. Felt good to be out, but, felt very out-of-shape.

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January 31, 2003

Daily Ride • Summary

Enjoyed the first ride post-Cycle 23.

Did a very easy ride of 8.0 miles around town and stopped at Starbucks for coffee, then home.

Getting on the bike, there is a tremendous sense of normality that sweeps thru me. The days of chemo and feeling less than normal miss appear. There is a sense of the world being already for that brief amount of time.

In the coming few weeks before Cycle 24 starts, I hope to get this feeling again and enjoy a ride or two.

Ride details: 8.0 miles; 41:21 minutes; 120avg/167max HR; 412K cal consumed; 73°; 11.6avg/17.8max MPH.

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